At LaForma, hiring the best fashion talent ensures we are the trend setters when it comes to colour, design and being in season with new colour trends.

We not only utilise the skills of fashion designers but we also understand the psychology behind colour and texture that all come together in creating a home.

Picking furniture is an exercise but furnishing a home is an art that’s unique to you. It’s not only about the items themselves but how they work together and with the space in terms of colour, texture and elements. It’s also not only about large items but it’s about our fine finishing touches such as metallic ornaments and wall clocks that serve to set the mood and tone for a room. This is how the magic happens

Colour your mood

The obvious way to colour a room is through paint but if you’d prefer not to have to paint your home every six to twelve months, you could use the furnishings themselves to help create the mood.

  • Whites create a sense of freshness and cleanliness
  • Neutrals help keep us balance and are generally chosen as a safe option in the home
  • Black is powerful but ideally used in contrast with other colours in order not to overwhelm or darken the mood too much
  • Copper, rose gold and metals help to life a room and also inspire the feeling of luxury
  • Silver will bring a feeling of modern and cutting edge which is why it’s often used for appliances
  • Red is bold and attention grabbing bringing power, action and confidence to a room
  • Blue, often associated as a masculine colour brings stability and is excellent for communication
  • Yellow, and yes think sunflowers, is for energy as well as positivity.

These are just the most obvious colours but think about colours such as teal or peach. Make sure you sign up to our mailers to keep in touch on the latest colour trends for your home.

Contrast colours for effect

Contrast works so make sure to combine lighter colours such as rose gold with deeper hues such as our Mathan chair in a luscious velvet veel blue to create the optime of glamour and luxury.

Texture adds a new dimension

What do we mean when we talk about texture and why does it add dimension?

By texture, we mean the sensation one has caused by touching the surface of an object through touch. We don’t have to go on to describe dimension because just imagine how you feel when you wrap yourself in your favorite blanket, climb into a gorgeous bubble bath or glide your fingers across a granite counter.

There’s something about the texture of a fabric or piece that makes us feel a certain way. Wood can help us feel grounded and believe it or not can help us put our inspired ideas into action whilst leather helps us feel powerful enough to create; it’s no wonder it’s so often used in board rooms.

Wood, leather and matte finishes bring a feeling of groundedness along with strength. For example, the Mahon desk with a Walnut veneer finish and the disset desk in solid Akasia are absolutely perfect for a home office or as study desks for kids. They really are a lovely way to finish the last emails of the day or to start the day with some fresh inspiration. What’s great is that they cater for rooms and homes with both lighter and / or darker woods.

Here are some ideas for adding texture;

  • Bring in items such as coloured glass vases or a tactile rug
  • Use sculptured metal wall art
  • Introduce ceramic pieces
  • Check out some of our pieces that use a mix of materials to create dimension

It’s all about finding the right balance

Wood, leather and matte finishes without softness to balance it out, can make a room or home seem quite cold. Add a throw, run, cushion or even a textured painting to soften and balance your area or home. Bringing in nature either through plants, flowers or even bonsai’s can also help to balance the energy of a space.

It’s true what they say, when our space is in balance and is created to enhance our natural energy, then so are we. So don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find your magical mix of colour, texture and elements.

Play around and find what works for you. You’ll know because you’ll be able to feel the magic of the right mix.

Until next time, may you experience the magic of Barcelona living, Mzanzi style


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